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Training including certification courses are available in live and online classes, development circles and workshops…

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Great Mind Therapy

NLP, Hypnosis & MER are very effective for many conditions.

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Many events are offered including galleries, seances, live and online classes, development circles and workshops

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Past Life Regression

Explore a past life in a hypnosis past life regression.

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Meditation & Self-hypnosis

Meditation & Self-hypnosis Cds, Mp3’s, for healing, development, & more

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Private readings for 30 or 60 minutes by appointment.

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Our Products

Many products from our meditation cd’s and resources, books, and other mind body spirit inspired gifts.

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Want to Expand Your Own Psychic Abilities?

There are Psychic and Mediumship courses, workshops and circles that we offer to help you grow your own abilities and skills....
Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, you will learn new tools, techniques and help others with your gift. Begin today!

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About Jude

Jude Starks is an Evidential Psychic Medium & Trance Healing Medium. Jude is also a Master Practitioner & Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP), Hypnosis, & Mental and Emotional Therapy as well as a Hypnotherapist certified in Past Life Regression, along with a Reiki Master Teacher, Executive Director of Intuitive Studies Institute, a Pharmacist, Speaker, Trainer & Author.

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People are always talking about ways to find happiness in their lives, their jobs or relationships. They often look to others expecting that somehow, someone else can fulfil their needs, so they can finally achieve that elusive goal of reaching a state of happiness. Along with individuals on an eternal quest for happiness, the medical community is also now recognizing the importance of happiness and well-being as factors protecting against mental and physical disorders. Yet,Read More →

Do you want to expand your psychic ability? When you choose to learn anything new including how to expand your own psychic abilities, it’s important to have an intention and a purpose for learning in mind before you begin. Clarifying and writing down any intention you may have, and you may have more than one, will help you articulate and strengthen the focus of learning these new skills. People have many purposes or reasons forRead More →

Why do we have guiding Spirits and angels around us? Recently I was asked about an individual who had lost a loved one several years back and had worked hard trying to develop their abilities to provide more information from those in spirit, to those still here.  In readings or interactions with clients or friends and with every question or inquiry from the client, this so called psychic, would ask their loved one who hadRead More →

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    December 8 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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