Past Life Regression Therapy

What is a Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy is a deep meditative hypnosis technique and unique therapeutic process that helps people recall events from previous lifetimes.

When someone recalls various events, it allows them to have a deeper level of understanding of those events and their own responsibility for any choices there.  By gaining understanding and insight, this process allows a person to heal various conditions, beliefs, emotions and brings healing into relationships, health and many other areas of their life. 

In essence, over and over again it has been shown that past life regression (PLR) changes and potentially transforms lives.

The truth is that all memories from this lifetime and all previous lifetimes are stored in your unconscious mind and can be accessed and brought out in a past life regression therapy process. 

There are only a few therapies, like hypnosis, NLP and MER that are actually able to open up the unconscious mind to work with memories, beliefs, and limitations as well as re-framing  mental processes to effect healing. 

Interestingly, working with the past life regression therapy process allows an individual to get to the root cause of issues in this lifetime.  It can also allow the person to make permanent changes, resolve issues and heal in a quicker time frame than most traditional therapies.

Also, in the unconscious mind is the energy connection to your soul or spiritual being, that can be accessed with the same healing therapies listed above and with some energy healing techniques.

I believe that we are all Spirit beings first and human beings second and that much of what we deal with on a day to day basis is determined by our connections to our spiritual nature and our perceptions of that. 

As a whole, we have a choice every single day to accept responsibility for our own thoughts, actions, deeds and words or not.  Through my decades as a health professional, I have observed that the vast majority of people do not realize that principle, nor do they act on it, leaving a myriad of challenges and human conditions in their own lives that require work to resolve them.

Many of the medical conditions, mental health issues, chaos and emotional dysfunction seem to be rooted in a disconnection from our true spiritual nature.  Because when undergoing different energy or unconscious mind based treatments, which increase awareness of and reframe connections to an individual’s spirituality, they find themselves improving, changing, healing and transforming profoundly, different aspects of their own lives.

Hypnosis, Past Life Regression (PLR), Neuro-linguistic Programming, Mental and Emotion Release Therapy and some types of energy work are those healing modalities that do empower and transform people’s lives in a positive fashion.

There are many benefits to Past Life Regression which allow you to have deeper insight from situations and issues in your present life.  The discovery of each interconnection and consequence allows an individual to transform different aspects of their life and heal past issues.

  • Release stress and heal past wounds and traumas
  • Understand and heal challenging relationship issues
  • Clear emotional blocks
  • Calm anxiety, stress and fear
  • Clear physical ailments
  • Understand and transform patterns, behaviors and limitations
  • Discover hidden talents, gifts or resources to utilize
  • Discover the true nature of your spiritual essence and soul
  • Uncover their souls purpose in this lifetime
  • Reconnect with Spiritual beings that offer resources to you on earth
  • Identify those current human connections in this life that have connections to past lives
  • Clear karmic blocks from previous lifetimes
  • Receive the deepest love, understanding and peace from the spiritual world that we often don’t see on earth.

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