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"People seek out Mediums for a variety of different reasons; however the most common is to discover whether their loved one is still alive in “Spirit form” after passing from their physical body.  Most people truly want to know if their beloved has passed to the “other side” and are still alive there."  Jude Starks

Generally, the person who is grieving wants to know what their Spirit loved one is up to, who they are with and if there are any messages or insights for them.  

With the help of an excellent medium like Jude Starks, one of the wonderful things that may happen is they both get another chance to connect again.  True Evidential Mediums like Jude, provide authentic connection and validation of information which provides immense comfort, healing and an opportunity for closure.

Mediums have been connecting to the Spirit world for many centuries and the Spiritualism movement of the early 19th century has brought the modern form of evidential mediumship into the forefront with successful demonstrations and proof of survival.

Mediums are individuals, classically who can connect, link and communicate with the Spirit world and those Spirits who have passed from their earthly life.  Mediums are also naturally psychic and can pick up information using their extra sensory perception, not only from Spirits but also from people, places and things in the world.

Mediums are psychic, yet not all Psychics are Mediums.  In fact, most Psychics are not Mediums.  Interestingly, often those who are picking up information psychically are perceiving vibrations and other impressions using sensory input.  The vast majority of psychics lack essential training, specifically in Psychic Mediumship studies.  It takes a strong sequential training program, effective practice and experience to become an Evidential Medium.

Jude is both an excellent Evidential Medium and Psychic.  Her Spiritualist training and years of experience and practice help provide deep connections and exceptional accuracy as an Evidential Medium.

Everyone has a degree of intuition that can be developed to become more perceptive opening their senses to expand into more psychic abilities and with development, training and practice to leads to mediumship.



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