Are You Bullying Yourself?

Struggling With Bullying Yourself?

Do you keep mentally beating yourself up over and over again saying things like; you can’t do it, or you won’t amount to much, or you’re not pretty enough, tall enough, smart enough?

You’re not alone; so many people do that, but why?

When you are carrying on a negative dialog with yourselves in your head it can feel like you’re bullying yourself. I know…how can you actually bully yourself?​​ 

Technically it’s because of repeating mind patterns of a critical judgmental nature originating from repeated phrases, beliefs or expressions that you have been told, perhaps many times, during your life and that you have accepted as being true.  These may often be words or concepts that originated with your parents, teachers, bosses or friends that rumble around in your brain and feel like they’re stuck in there. So why don’t you just stop doing that to yourself?

It’s a whole lot more complex than you would think. You see, your mind has two parts, your conscious mind which is helping you focus on reading this article and comprehend what it means and your unconscious mind which stores this and everything that you’ve ever heard, learn, seen or felt literally and emotionally for all of your life.

In those stored belief systems and stored memories are all of the perceptions that you’ve made and that others have made about you. When you accept someone else’s perceptions of yourself over what you know to be true or believe about yourself, you can accept a negative viewpoint of yourself and perpetuate that. 

These repeating negative mind patterns are stored deep in the unconscious mind and have triggers which can be events, words, phrases, situations, etc. that actually trigger the pattern to run in the brain. The patterns can come up unconsciously from something you are experiencing consciously. It’s sort of like a mind trap.

The reason that you have difficulty just stopping this is because they are not stored in the conscious mind; they are stored deep in the unconscious mind. It takes specialized processes to go deep enough into the unconscious mind to release these patterns.

Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and Hypnosis are both very good methods to do that and both are effective at finding the triggers, releasing them and also reframing the mental patterns.

My preference is to use Neuro-linguistic programming because it is a highly evolved discipline combining neurology, languaging and programming that can get deep inside the filters and issues of mind patterning. I’ve seen people make remarkable changes.

If you’re tired of struggling with bullying yourself and you want to change those patterns, make an appointment today for a consultation with Jude. Isn’t it time to free yourself from the negative dialog inside your head?