Wonder what it's like to be psychic?

So what’s it like to be a psychic?   That question came up a while ago from someone that I had just met through a mutual friend, but someone who was more than skeptical, wondering if it was even possible to truly be psychic.


The image for many people, of being a psychic, is someone who looks like the stereotypical gypsy in a turban with a crystal ball at a carnival that you would pay a couple of bucks to and they’d turn over a card or two and tell you if you’d live happily ever after with the person of your dreams. For many, this is akin to a con artist and many “fortune tellers” in fact are.


So why would someone smart, well rounded, honest, with a good health professional career, making a good living while helping others want to give all that up to follow intuitive gifts and become a psychic and healer? “Are you crazy?”


Many people think it doesn’t make any sense. They want you to see “their doctor”, or call you things like “nut”, “eccentric” or “weird” and stay away from you because they don’t know how to explain this “phase” and it makes them uncomfortable.  They want to know happened to the “old” you?


I believe, everyone is intuitive, yet becoming a full-time psychic medium and healing medium is something that seemed to be more of being chosen to do this work, rather than consciously choosing this.


I’ll admit I have from a young age been able to pick up information from “the other side” but each time it became stronger, I consciously tried to shut it off. I was successful in “keeping it at bay” for periods of time allowing me to focus on my more traditional career.


At some point however, that innate ability and gift will no longer go away, nor will it be shut down.   We are then awakened to fulfill our spiritual purpose of doing this work.


It is the work of connecting those on earth with those in Spirit. Psychic Mediums bridge the communication gap between humans, with those who have passed wanting to bring proof of their life after death, or messages of love and support back to their loved ones on earth.


Most people are often still unaware of the vast expanse of spiritual energy surrounding them so are surprised that these messages are even possible.


Yet for those of us who are “called” to do this work, and it truly is a “calling” it is a profoundly humbling experience when those in Spirit come through bringing verifiable evidence that the medium would have no way of knowing prior to the sitting. Things that can be confirmed by the client and messages that truly touch the hearts of all involved.


It is in those brief instances of communication that the Spirit offers a glimpse into the expansiveness of unconditional love from their Divine world. Just knowing that everything is alright on “the other side”, that they can come back and communicate again with us is quite healing.


“So what’s it like to be a psychic?” I can honestly say, it is an honor, a blessing and a gift to be a Psychic Medium and guide people to heal.