Spirit Being or Human Being

Which is it, humans having a Spiritual experience…or Spirits having a human experience?

Perhaps you've never really thought about that question, yet you may find yourself trying to figure out if you're experiencing spirituality.  Many people search for much of their lives through a variety of different religious practices to find a true connection to spirituality at a deep soul level. 

Yet what most religious practices fail to convey is that we are all spiritual beings from the time we are born on this earth into human form. We are not humans trying to find spirituality, we are Spirits experiencing what it's like to be in human form with all the joy and tragedy that goes along with that experience.

Because for the most part, we are unaware of this connection we grow up completely engaged in our human lives with little regard for our spiritual lives.  Those that have learned to connect to their spiritual roots find themselves with a deeper soul connection, peace and contentment.

The vast majority of earthlings, have simply forgotten that the very roots of spiritual existence on this planet originated from our desire for our Souls to grow through our experiences here in the human realm. 

Our Spirit is perfectly aligned with the Source, The Great Spirit or God and we seem to experience a sort of spiritual amnesia in our human form and which we can only recognize as our human reality.  Yet, our unconscious mind records and keeps all memory of our spiritual roots, making it accessible to us at any time.

It is the disconnection from our spiritual side that leads humans into doing unthinkable things to themselves and others.  There is no "Spiritual" being that has directed the destruction of others, poverty, depravity or any other negative consequence. Destruction, wars, savagery and more, is the purview of the human mind and solely of its choices here.

In the spirit world there is only love, hope, encouragement, offering us wisdom, learning and a heartfelt sentiment that we "wake up" and remember our own spiritual side, so we learn to make better choices here.

Some would tell you that you can "lose" a connection to the spiritual world. That is FALSE!   There is nothing that can ever take away the fact, that you are all  eternal beings, Spirit beings in human form.  Nothing!   Not your actions on earth, your words, deeds or what you believe.  

You are and will always remain an eternal Spirit, living a human existence, until you pass into Spirit again and leave your human body behind. By doing work to remember that connection will help you make better choices and live a more blissful and peaceful life on earth in a human body.