Reading with Jude - 30 Minutes

Reading with Jude - 30 Minutes

Jude Starks

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Book a 30 Minute Private Reading

A private 'in office' reading can be done at Jude's Denver area office most Thursdays or Fridays throughout the year.

Or at her Loveland office by appointment only, subject to Jude's availability.

Phone readings can be booked and scheduled generally Monday through Wednesday, subject to Jude's availability.

 A private reading allows you to receive either Evidential Psychic or Mediumistic information about things happening here in your life or to receive a connection to the other side from those who have passed and wish to bring you information and messages.

A private 'in office' reading  for 30 minutes can be booked with a maximum of 2 participants in the reading.  For larger groups please inquire about group rates.

Spirit communication in phone readings is equal to 'in office' readings as Spirits are able to communicate from across the world in a reading.

All readings and any information that comes up in a reading is confidential and will remain private.