Paul Jacobs, Denver Progressive 2020

Want To Strengthen Your Mediumship The Right Way?

Join us in Denver for the Best Medium Training of 2020! Paul Jacobs' Closed Progressive Training Course! A Great Way To Master Mediumship!

Paul Jacobs closed Progressive Training Course reveals how to make strong, accurate mediumship connections with clarity, even if you’ve floundered in the past. If you want to get REAL results with your Mediumship and to be the BEST Medium you can be, then this will be the most important training you’ve ever attended!


YOU WILL EXPERIENCE: The EXACT METHODS Used At The Prestigious Arthur Findlay College In England To Expand Your Mediumship Skills...

Taught By The EXACT SAME Tutor With 30 Years Of Experience In Mediumship And Who Has Over Many Years Trained Many Of The Best New Mediums Teaching At The Arthur Findlay College.

ONLY... You won't have to take a trip across the pond to England to learn from the best! BECAUSE... The BEST is coming to you... the training is right in your backyard... in Denver, Colorado.

Have you ever been in one of those classes that had 40, 50, 60, ...100 students? You may have just felt lucky if the instructor remembered your name by the time the training was over.
How many bad habits did you create by trying to emulate what other students were doing...because, you may not have received much supervision or interaction?

And the teacher observed you individually, corrected habits, gave you new methods and drilled down to the essentials the best mediums do?.... And what if you did this with the same group for a year long closed progressive program?

Interested? Read on...

Well that's EXACTLY what happens in Paul Jacob's Denver Closed Progressive Training Program. Paul ONLY EVER works with 16 STUDENTS in a group here, at Arthur Findlay College, and everywhere.

By limiting the training group size to just 16 students with Paul, this enables him to know you and your mediumship, personally giving each student individual time, focusing on the practical aspect and giving quality feed back. It's like a personal mentorship in a workshop format! Just Awesome!

What if it weren't just one workshop but 2 five day workshops over the year? Do you think you'd get a whole lot better?... You bet you would!

What if the group had the same students each time, so you could get to know each other, feel comfortable and confident and grow your skills together? Sounds good, doesn't it!

Paul Jacob's Denver Progressive 2020 has 2 five day workshops scheduled and held in the Denver Colorado Area spread out over 2020.

The dates of the Denver Closed Progressive Workshops are:
- June 12 - 16, 2020
- October 9 - 13, 2020.
Each class is a full day with a student demonstration day, and a public demonstration evening where Paul will demonstrate for the students and general public. It will be amazing!

Wow, It does sound amazing!

What Will We Learn?
During the closed progressive, Paul will teach demonstrating mediumship as well as different private sitting techniques, including psychic and mediumistic readings.
We will also be covering the following:
  • Meditation techniques to develop the power of your spirit
  • Learning to blend with the power of the spirit world.
  • Understand the techniques for soul to soul blending with the sitter and the spirit communicator.
  • Learning about the emotional aspect and the essence of the spirit people
  • Learning practical evidence of the spirit communicator through clairvoyance
  • Learning to unfold the evidence and the story of the communicator
  • Bringing the message of the spirit person to the recipient.
  • Understanding through color the soul of clients and helping them in this life
  • There will also be sittings and demonstrations arranged for the students and the general public

Paul is an incredible teacher and a very accurate and accomplished medium. He is passionate about teaching, demonstrating mediumship and raising the standard. He wants his students to be more than the thousands of mediocre to average mediums and he wants you to reach the highest quality and standard you can reach.

Paul and his students have found progressive groups more
beneficial , rather then jumping from course to course with a different mixture of students each time. It's also disruptive, moving to different courses and teachers, which creates confusion and inner conflict.

With his mentoring, you will be able to correct bad habits, learn better ways to improve clarity and be a better medium. There are very few trainings EVER, that you get this incredible value and the ability to expand your mediumship with personal attention...

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!... Do Not Miss It!


Anyone who is at an intermediate or advanced psychic mediumship level would qualify to attend the series. The progressive series is NOT appropriate for beginners.
(beginners can take Jude's classes to develop to intermediate or above before taking a progressive)


The cost for the entire series is $1390 which can be paid in full or broken down into a deposit (to hold your space) and 2 more payments.
Payment plan requires a Deposit of $300 on signup. Deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances.
First Payment is $600 due by April 30th, 2020, Payment 2 is $ 490 due by August 31, 2020,
Since it is a progressive training, all payments are due on time and regardless of attendance or non-attendance.

I'm so excited that I'd like to sign up now! I'd like the payment plan and to pay my deposit of $ 300

I understand that the full amount of $1390 will be broken up into a $300 deposit on sign up and 2 additional payments due by April 30 and August 31 2020. I understand that I am responsible for all of the payments for the training and that the payments are nonrefundable. By clicking the button I agree to these terms.
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I'm so excited about this program and I'd like to sign up and pay the full program amount of $1390 now!

I'm so excited about this program and I'd like to sign up and pay the full program amount of $1390 now!
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More Important Training Information Below...

International Medium
Paul Jacobs
Paul Jacobs has been a Spiritualist since 1983. The first Spiritualist church he visited was Wolverhampton SNU Church, in the West Midlands, England. In his own words "It was like coming home." He recognized that he had found something, but did not know what it was.... Read more here
Psychic Mediumship School
Arthur Findlay College
Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, is the world's premier school for the
teaching of psychic sciences and mediumship. J. Arthur Findlay bequeathed his
home, Stansted Hall, to the Spiritualists' National Union for use as a college
about 50 years ago.
About AFC
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Host For The Event

Jude Starks, Evidential Psychic Medium & Trance Medium
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Paul Jacobs CSNU, International Medium is a true Master of Mediumship and an incredible trainer of mediums, of all levels, is coming to Denver for a closed progressive group in 2020 sponsored by Jude Starks, Evidential Medium.