About Arthur Findlay College

“Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, is the world's premier school for the teaching of psychic sciences and mediumship. J. Arthur Findlay bequeathed his home, Stansted Hall, to the Spiritualists' National Union for use as a college about 50 years ago.

Built in 1871, was gifted to the Spiritualists’ National Union by J. Arthur Findlay, MBE, JP, a former Honorary President of the Union, and in accordance with his wishes is administered by the Union as a College for the advancement of Psychic Science.

Mr Findlay bought the estate in 1923 upon his retirement from business and first mooted the idea of a Spiritualist College at Stansted to the Union in 1945. After personal contacts with three successive Union Presidents a will was drawn up and in 1954 the National Council accepted the proposed bequest of Stansted Hall with an endowment. This was followed by a later gift in the form of stock to be used for furnishing and decorating, and in 1964, a year after the death of his wife, Mr Findlay transferred the Hall, grounds and endowment to the Union. Mr Findlay passed to the higher life in July 1964.

The Arthur Findlay College offers facilities unequaled anywhere in the world in the Spiritualist movement as a residential centre where students can study Spiritualist philosophy and religious practice, Spiritualist healing and awareness, spiritual and psychic unfolding and kindred disciplines. Courses, lectures and demonstrations are all offered by leading exponents, together with the additional features of a library, museum, lake, magnificent grounds, recreational facilities and full board accommodation.” *

Arthur Findlay College offers a number of wonderful classes which you can take there or there are a number of the most highly qualified tutors that also teach various workshops in the United States.  Often the classes taught there are the same classes that are taught in the United States.

Most of my own mentors are tutors from Arthur Findlay College, where I attended their classes in the United States rather than England.



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* Information from the Arthur Findlay College website