Guardian Angels & Spirits Whispering Messages of Love and Hope

Why do we have guiding Spirits and angels around us?

Recently I was asked about an individual who had lost a loved one several years back and had worked hard trying to develop their abilities to provide more information from those in spirit, to those still here.  In readings or interactions with clients or friends and with every question or inquiry from the client, this so called psychic, would ask their loved one who had passed for the answer to each inquiry or question.  It was as though the loved one, who had passed, was expected to be on demand for every request the so called psychic expressed, a sort of Spirit slave.

It was clear from the so called psychic’s answers to the client, which were represented as “spirit” answers, that much of the information, appeared to be information pulled from their own imagination.  Another explanation could be that if any information were being received, it was passing through very distorted mind filters of the so called psychic. The information delivered had distinct opinions or human judgments which are not generally present from any Spirit communication.  At the least, this is a very poor practice, appears deceptive and unfortunately is not that uncommon in the U.S.

We all have Spirits, guides and angels around us throughout our lifetime.  Their role is to offer us love, encouragement and hope.  In fact in some cases it seems they offer us glimmers of inspiration at just the right time. Or just the right person crosses our path, or we seem to be directed to different resources that we may previously been unaware.  Our Spirits, guides and angels role, is to connect with us, in the hopes that we open enough to feel the deep and universal love coming from the other side.  They hope we remember that deep kinship of spirit healing that unconditional love offers us…ALWAYS!  And that we remember that we are also Spiritual beings irrevocably connected to the divine.

Many of you are developing your intuitive abilities and learning to open more to the spiritual world to receive information, impressions, messages and more and there is a distinct misconception of the role of these spiritual helpers.  We all came to earth as spiritual beings already housed in a human body.  Frankly our physical bodies are not all that important, except to maintain a healthy body and mind so we can connect with our own higher self or soul.  It is that higher self connection,  which is the spiritual link to the divine world we came from.  We can learn to connect at any point we wish to and we often do in our dreams unknowingly to provide insight, wisdom and understanding of our journey, lessons and purpose here.

If we are struggling in this life and we are asking for those spirits and guides to ‘fix’ it for us.  They won’t.  Because, if they were to do that, it would take away the lessons we came down here to learn, the deep soul insight and the process to fix whatever it is, for our selves.  It would simply dis-empower us from the wisdom and understanding we came down here to acquire.

Our Spirit Guides and Angels are here as “guides” and they are also working on lessons and soul insights of their own as they progress in their own development on the other side.  Take the time to develop your own connection to your own guides and angels that way you know they are around you always whispering messages of love and hope…just for you!

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